How To Get The Ghastly

Ghastly Merch

Mounts are a core mechanic in Diablo 4 and there are many options available to you when it comes to customising your noble steed. Most of these are purchased through the in-game microtransaction store, but some are freely accessible without any additional cost.

The Ghastly Reins is a particularly sought-after Mount Skin as it completely transforms your horse into a ghostly spirit, providing a striking blue hue to your ride. This guide will show you where you can obtain the Ghastly Reins, otherwise known as the Spectral Charger Mount, as well as how to maximise your chances every time you attempt to loot it.

The Ghastly Reins drop from completing the open-world Gathering Legions Events. These public events spawn every half an hour in any of the five regions and have a chance to drop the precious ghost horse from any of its reward chests.

These wave-based challenges will see you tackling hundreds of enemies to summon Servants of Hell. They’re decently powerful foes and at least one of them must be killed before the final Overlord boss can be activated.

The more Servants of Hell you kill, up to a maximum of three, will determine how many reward chests will spawn after defeating the final boss.

As each chest contains a chance for the Ghastly Reins to drop, you’ll want to ensure you’re hitting the event Mastery and defeating all three Servants.

This goal is fairly easy to achieve, as these events tend to attract a decent number of players to them, thanks to the efficient loot and experience gain they provide.

However, if the player numbers are on the smaller side, you can try to increase your clear rate by following these tips:

Provided you have completed the Mount: Donan’s Favor quest after completing Act Three of the Main Story Campaign, you will be able to learn your Spectral Charger Mount and equip the skin at any Stable Master NPC.

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